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Artist Development


Nightflite facilitates local and international talents within the music industry, providing guidance and connectivity to minimize costs as much as possible and offer services that will nurture and benefit our clients. Our job is to evaluate, direct, and encourage our clients through the complicated process of getting to where they want to go within the industry. Whether you are just starting out in the business looking for direction or an experienced musician wanting to fine-tune your brand, we provide you with the feedback and essential contacts such as:

  • Voice Coaches

  • Producers

  • Recording Studios

  • Music Lawyers/Legal


  • Managers


  • Music Publishers

  • Talent Coaches


  • Distributors​

  • Commercial and Internet Radio  

  • Graphic/Web Design  

  • Photographers  

  • Consulting  

  • Promoters


  • Arrangers 

  • Musicians​

  • Choreographers


"Music; and the Music Business

are two different things"


~ Erykah Badu ~

Where Opportunity Meets Preparation

With qualified consultants made up of seasoned industry professionals with experience in all aspects including producing, talent, management, record executives, etc. we aim to provide our clients with a friendly environment that fosters creativity and creates a sense of unity to help clients reach their maximum potential. Nightflite aspires to perform flawlessly and we don’t take shortcuts on quality. We are a creative and energetic team who are passionate about music. We are honored to be recognized by our clients as a trusted and reliable company that aspires to promote sustainable music.

Strategic Development



Often our clients come to us with big dreams of success but lack a true understanding of exactly what it takes to get there. Nightflite supports those who dream big by offering services designed to give a deeper understanding of what true success really is, but most importantly, what it takes to get there. Designed for those who are treading the initial stages and are unsure what to expect, our Exploratory consulting service highlights everything you need to know in order to start pursuing a career within the music industry. Starting with an overview of our client’s views and expectations, we are able to put together a more clear understanding of the Clients' perceptions and misperceptions. From here, Clients are educated on the process of becoming an artist within the business and given guidance on how and where to begin their journey. 



Navigating through the music industry can sometimes be a stressful and discouraging process... even for professionals, but it doesn't need to be. If you're continually finding yourself trying to overcome hurdles preventing you from taking the next steps in your career, then our Analytical consulting service is just what you need. Our most popular development service, the Analytical process is geared towards those who have committed themselves fully in pursuing a dedicated career within the music industry... or for those already involved, yet find themselves not achieving the momentum necessary in order to maintain a level of success.  Offering a more customized approach, we focus on the micro details of our clients' careers in order to provide a strategic structure that will support a flourishing career.


"You can't knock on opportunities door and not be ready"

~ Bruno Mars ~

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