Commercial  Partnerships

A Unique Kind of Experience

We understand that professional sporting events have long been an effective platform for brands to reach their target audiences. While every sport offers its own uniqueness to this approach, the importance of sustainable partnerships in motorsports is a critical aspect. Fans understand sponsorship is the backbone of their teams’ survival and with over 500 million of them worldwide, Formula One is considered the pinnacle of marketing outreach in sports.  Acting as an independent agency, we take the time to analyze our clients' objectives and connect them with teams who share the same vision. With so many factors at play, choosing the right team to represent your brand can be time-consuming and overwhelming. This is where Nightflite implements a non-bias approach by supplying both parties with enough information to move forward in securing a confident and sustainable partnership.


Formula One has been transcending cultures and borders for 70 years now; becoming a global language. It creates an emotional connection with audiences around the world, making it an ideal vehicle for the development of global brands. Formula One is a distinctive market when it comes to sponsorship, creating a global outreach to commercial partners and over 500 million fans.

22 Countries Raced

55+ Countries Broadcasted

500+ Million Fans

Taking your investment further

Formula One has acquired a strong reputation among sports sponsorships. During the past decade, Formula One has experienced tremendous growth due to increased awareness that motorsport properties provide uniquely strong marketing benefits to their corporate partners. Motorsport sponsorships provide levels of awareness, favorability, and effectiveness, which are unrivaled in the marketing world. Mega-brands are interested in brand awareness when it’s linked to sponsorship because sponsorship awareness is often linked to brand favorability, purchase intent, and eventually converting into sales. By increasing marketing efficiency and effectiveness, brands are able to maximize the profits from their valuable marketing investment.


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