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    So, what does Nightflite Sports + Entertainment actually do? Well, in simple terms… we provide consulting, management, negotiation, and representation for global Brands and Rights Holders who are seeking profitable marketing investments while utilizing the world of professional sporting partnerships.


    Our mission is to successfully execute sustainable partnerships while offering our clients peace of mind throughout the process.


    Welcome to Nightflite Sports + Entertainment

    Making Sense Of Sport Partnerships

    Sports marketing through sponsorship can become very disconcerting at times, even to a professional, so dont worry, you’re not alone. With so many sports to choose from, all offering their own unique assets, including targeted audiences and experiences, its understandable why deciding where to place your investment can be a little anxiety provoking. But dont worry, we have you covered. Sure, some of our clients are well seasoned in utilizing sports as a marketing tool, but we understand not all brands who approach us are the same. 

    Our clients often have a good understanding of the value sports marketing can bring to their organization through way of sponsorship. However, deciding on which sport, team or athlete to deliver their objectives can pose some challenges. Overwhelmed with an abundance of information to consider, most of our clients have admittedly entered into partnerships which they did not feel completely confident in doing so. This always hurts us to hear!

      Nightflite is positioned to act as an ambassador for our clients through the early stages of seeking marketing investment oppourtunities. This is why we take the time to really understand our clients, not because its good customer relation, but because we take pride in our reputation of providing a unique experience into deciding on a sport and team which can benefit their brands' image, culture and following and by increasing return on investment financially, geographically and psychologically.

      The Beginning Of A New Era

      Brands from all over the world are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to reach greater audiences and stay ahead of their competition. Traditional marketing tools have become extinct while brands are thinking more outside the box. With the growing number of registered companies reaching 200 million globally, it is getting increasingly harder for brands to acquire and maintain customers.

      "Sport partnerships are the holy grail of marketing"

      Sports partnerships at a professional level are a sure way to increase brand visibility and activation with typical fan bases running into hundreds of millions. Brands know this and they all want a piece of it. But it's not that easy. Unless you’re an exclusive partner, there is always the risk of partnering with a sport or team that contradicts your objectives. Whether controversy, poor performance, neglect, or just overcrowding of co-sponsors, these are definitely topics you don't want to overlook.

      Our Roots

      "Born from humble beginnings, love of sport, and the desire to help others achieve success"

      Nightflite was built on the love of sport and creating lasting relationships. We value the people we work with, whether it's our brands, rights holders, or our own team. The face of Nightflite, the Pegasus dates back to ancient Greece and the formal beginning of sport… the Olympics. Pegasus, known for its mythological reputation of carrying Bellerophon into many battles with great success, ultimately being transformed into the eponymous constellation by Zeus, Pegasus represents the values Nightflite strives to provide its clients. We are innovators, strong in morals and ethics. 







      Teamwork is the lifeline of our company and we value every member’s contribution. Our team is comprised of passionate, knowledgeable, and qualified individuals who continue to uphold Nightflites core values while providing unparalleled expertise in their field. Without them, our roots would die in the ground. They are constantly analyzing the sports markets that we work with to give the best guidance, insight, and consulting to our clients so they can go into negotiations feeling prepared and informed on the state of the sport and team.


      ​Through pursuing our passion, Nightflite has been honored to work alongside many different brands, building its network into sustainable partnerships, rooted in the foundation of trust, professionalism, and achieving positive results.

      "Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success".
      - Henry Ford

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